About Theater EA

THEATER EA (EA) was founded in 2002 by Tarkan Köroglu and is based in Utrecht. Since then EA have produced different productions: intimate and experimental, but also traditional. The company presents its performances in Dutch, but Köroglu has future plans to perform occasionally in English and Turkish in order to perform for bigger and different audiences. The need for EA to travel and present internationally is based on the urge of Köroglu to make theatre about universal themes. All of his performances have a philosophical, societal point of view, without the wish to make political or moral theatre.

EA was from 2005 – 2008 a partner of the Theatercompagnie, a theatregroep from former artistic director Theu Boermans, in Amsterdam. He won the ‘Toneelkijkersprijs’ from Theater aan het Spui in The Hague, a price that audience gives to the best play. One of his actors, Porgy Franssen, was nominated for the Louis d’Or (the prestigious Dutch price for male actor) for his role in Cyrano.

In 2011 en 2012 we presented a successful play: ‘Enigma Variations’, from the French writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Also did we organize a monologue in the Domchurch in Utrecht, under the name of ‘Lucifers Val’ (Lucifers fall).

EA is a Babylonian god of wisdom, waters, crafts, writing, building, farming, magic, and men’s work. He ruled over the great water. He was known as the ‘Lord of Wisdom’ and ‘Lord of Incantations’: whatever EA spoke, became reality.

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